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About me

My fascination with animals began when I was aged eight and a stray cat walked in the back door and decided to adopt me. As a child I wanted to be a writer and used to dictate stories to my mother and she’d type them up on an old borrowed typewriter. It wasn’t until I bought a laptop of my own a few years ago now that I decided to type them myself. 

I love gardening, being outdoors, art, calligraphy, wildlife and animals. I live in Dorset and share the space around my desk with my two dogs, Harry and Coco.

A wintry animal story that will warm your heart and take you on an adventure you will never forget. 

Gently I pushed my fingers into his fur, through the roughness of his outer protective coat, deep into the warmest finer hair. His heart beat powerfully and slow.

‘You’re a good bear,’ I said. ‘Nobody is going to hurt you.’

It’s the Christmas holidays and Thea is looking forward to spending them with her father. She can tell him all about her plans to become a writer, and maybe he’ll buy her the typewriter she’s been dreaming of.

But when Thea arrives in Norway, everything feels … wrong. Her father is as distant as ever and now she has to share him with his new family: his girlfriend Inge and her children. Then Thea makes a surprise discovery. Deep in the snowy woods by the house, is a bear. He’s scared and hungry and he desperately needs Thea’s help.

When the town hears about a bear living in the woods, Bear’s life is in even greater danger. Thea needs to show everyone that he’s not dangerous – he’s a Good Bear – if she’s to save him.

Illustrated by Fiona Woodcock



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