Children’s book of the month for November at Waterstones.

You’re a good bear,’ I said. ‘Nobody is going to hurt you.’
It’s the Christmas holidays and Thea is looking forward to spending them with her father. She can tell him all about her plans to become a writer, and maybe he’ll buy her the typewriter she’s been dreaming of.

But her father is as distant as ever and now she has to share him with his new family. Then Thea makes a surprise discovery. Deep in the snowy woods by the house, is a bear. He’s scared and hungry and he desperately needs Thea’s help.

When the town hears about a bear living in the woods, Bear’s life is in even greater danger. 

Illustrated by Fiona Woodcock

‘This beautifully illustrated winter story, set in a gorgeously evoked fairy-tale Norwegian landscape, centres on a lost young girl determined to save a bear in the woods, whatever the cost.’ Waterstones.

Reader reviews

– ‘A story which reminds us that Christmas is about family and togetherness’ .
– ‘This was a heart warming and adventurous story that kept me turning the pages to see what happened next’.
– ‘A lovely book to cuddle up and share’.
– ‘Such a beautiful and heartwarming story. I didn’t want it to end’ .

My name is Cally Louise Fisher and I haven’t spoken for thirty-one days. Talking doesn’t always make things happen, however much you want them to.

Cally saw her mum, bright and real and alive. But no one believes her, so Cally’s stopped talking. Now a mysterious grey wolfhound has started following her everywhere. Perhaps he knows that Cally was telling the truth.

Winner of the Hazelgrove Book Award and the prestigious Schneider Family Middle School Book Award in the US. Shortlisted for the Sheffield Children’s Book Award and longlisted for the Branford Boase Award. 

“Heartbreakingly beautiful… I loved it.” Cathy Cassidy

“Sarah Lean’s graceful, miraculous writing will have you weeping one moment and rejoicing the next.” Katherine Applegate, author of The One and Only Ivan

Illustrated by Gary Blythe

A little dog with the heart of a lion


Leo dreams about being a hero. In his imagination he is a fearsome gladiator,

but he wants to be a hero in real life.

 When the boys at school dare Leo to do something he knows is wrong, he lets everybody down. How can he make things right again?

 A little dog called Jack Pepper is missing and it will take a true hero to find him and bring him home…

 Shortlisted for Coventry Inspiration Book Awards


Illustrated by Gary Blythe.

I never thought Grandfather would come back on an ordinary day like a Monday or a Tuesday. He’d come on the kind of day when the rising sun is pouring its colours on the sea because there’s not enough room for all its glory in the sky.. I was still waiting after two years for that special day to arrive.


Azi doesn’t feel he belongs on the small Mediterranean island without Grandfather. Then a lost sandy dog appears and together they begin to search for him. But, as they grow closer and secrets about Azi’s past are uncovered, the day is coming when Azi will have to say goodbye to the sand dog forever…

A family secret waiting to be discovered… 

Hannah’s grandad loves telling stories from his past, but there’s one that he can’t remember… one that Hannah knows is important.

When a whale appears off the coast, clues to Grandad’s secret begin to surface. Hannah is determined to solve the mystery but, as she gets closer to the truth, Grandad’s story is more extraordinary than she imagined. 

Illustrated by Gary Blythe.

Some friendships are meant to be.


Hope feels lost when her mum’s boyfriend leaves. She loved Frank and he understood her better than anyone, even her mum. The only part of Frank left behind is his stubborn, old rescue-donkey, Harry.


Hope promised to look after Harry, but maybe Hope needs Harry just as much as he needs her…


Illustrated by Gary Blythe.


Sometimes when things are broken you can’t fix them on your own – no matter how hard you try.


When Nell is sent to stay with distant family, she packs a suitcase full of secrets. A chance encounter with a wild horse draws Nell to Angel – a mysterious, troubled girl who is hiding secrets of her own. Both girls must learn to trust each other, if they are to save a hundred horses…


A story about finding something special in the most unlikely place.


Illustrated by Gary Blythe.

Sometimes change happens in the silence between heartbeats. Sometimes it follows in the footsteps of strangers. But sometimes change comes blowing in on the wind.

 As the sun rises behind Mount Yuhan, a leopard, a hornbill, a civet and a tortoise ascend a ladder into the clouds. A fly picks a fight with an elephant. A monkey pits his wits against a crocodile. And that’s all before breakfast.

 Armoured pangolins, blue-bottomed drill monkeys, red-legged francolins and red river hogs are just some of the fascinating creatures you will discover in this collection of folk tales from the Korup region of Cameroon, tales that are just as extraordinary as the animals that inspired them…

 Lucy Christopher, Abi Elphinstone, Adele Geras, Elizabeth Laird, Sarah Lean, Gill Lewis, Geraldine McCaughrean, Tom Moorhouse, Beverley Naidoo, Ifeoma Onyefulu, Piers Torday. 


Illustrated by Emmie van Biervliet.

Someone special will never be forgotten…

When Ruby and Sid read a poster about a missing dog called Jack Pepper they remember an adventure they had, and a little dog they once met.

Could the two possibly be connected?

When Tiger Days visits Willowgate House, she never knows what to expect…

Tiger’s grandmother looks after animals in need, and when Tiger comes to stay she quickly learns how to feed a baby warthog and keep it safe.

Tiger already has her hands full when a mysterious sound leads her to another little animal…

No day is ever dull at Willowgate House!

The first in a series of four stories…

Illustrated by Anna Currey

When Tiger Days visits Willowgate House, she never knows what to expect…

At her grandmother’s house, Tiger discovers that a mysterious tunnel has appeared under the shed and someone – or something – has been burying eggs in the garden.

Tiger and her friend Tom decide to become detectives – determined to crack the case!

No day is ever dull at Willowgate House!

The second in a series of four stories.

Illustrated by Anna Currey

When Tiger Days visits Willowgate House, she never knows what to expect…

Tiger meets Lucky – an injured otter who can’t survive by himself. Tiger has important jobs to do: feeding and caring for Lucky, and also exploring the riverbank in search of the perfect place for him to live. She desperately wants Lucky to get better, but saying goodbye to her new friend won’t be easy…

No day is ever dull at Willowgate House!

The third in a series of four stories…

Illustrated by Anna Currey

When Tiger Days visits Willowgate House, she never knows what to expect…

Tiger is delighted when she’s asked to watch over four abandoned pale blue duck eggs. Her grandmother’s warm kitchen is the perfect place for them to hatch. Soon the ducklings are making mischief as they learn how to waddle and swim. But they can’t stay indoors forever. It’s up to Tiger to find them a brand-new home…

No day is ever dull at Willowgate House!

The fourth in a series of four stories…

Illustrated by Anna Currey