I am extremely happy to let you know that The Good Bear is being published in paperback this year. It’s the story of Thea Whittington who is trying to fulfil her heart’s desire, no matter what the cost, learning the values of family and friendship on the way.

I absolutely love the cover and drawings inside, with snow-soft illustrations by the immensely talented Fiona Woodcock. You may have seen some of her other work in picture books and I am very lucky that she has added so much to the look and feel of the story with her illustrations of the bear, Thea and the winter landscape of Norway.

In the snowy woods and wilds, Thea meets a bear that can’t look after itself. Can she keep the bear safe until help comes?

The book is published in paperback on 28 October 20201. Come and meet the bear, if you dare!

I am so glad that we are able to visit our bookstores this winter. I hope we all stay safe so that it remains that way.